Kana Broadcast 016 TADEO
A meticulous, calculated and organic Detroit influenced infiltration permeates this week’s broadcast. Your host has asseverated the fundamentals of innovation through repetition and developing scapes and rhythms without compromising the left of centre ideals that act as an adhesive to every piece of work he constructs. As founder and conceiver of Cyclical Tracks and NET28 as well as working alongside CMYKmusik and Apnea, his motives behind declaring a campaign of electronic espionage are more than warranted.

Displace what we’ve envisaged with an abundance of science and cosmological cerebration and allow the dim lights that traverse the early morning streets of Madrid to dismiss any misconceptions that may arise – imminent projects that encompass alien concepts as well as art based installations across galleries in Europe will redefine our own inspirations.

Our guest – Miguel Sar, Aka: Tadeo.

Direct Link - http://okkana.com/2011/10/kana-broadcast-016-tadeo/