Kana Broadcast 017 Hubble
Our guest this week has taken it upon himself to install sonic depth charges and vent heavy atmospheres void of sulphur whilst abandoning the steady hands that would normally guide an ‘artist’ down a standardised path. From the first release on Moultan, he’s built an arsenal of subtle explosives that have been featured on the likes of Archipel and more recently his home, Sleep Is Commercial, which has provided him with the freedom to challenge the listener to trespass the abstract parameters that every release and performance reaffirms.

His residency at the infamous Club der Visionaere embodies prolonged and articulate journeys that demand attention without abrasive interjections – it’s this assault that has contributed to and redefined Berlin’s scene. We have to make this clear, this special broadcast isn’t from an artist, it’s a derivative of the works from a story teller – Giuseppe Marchegiano, aka: Hubble.

Direct Link - http://okkana.com/2011/11/kana-broadcast-017-hubble/

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