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I am severely over the politics and cringe when i think about how the likes of armin etc dominate the scene and dictate which direction producers under their stables should push musically. I remeber having a conversation with a current Top 10 dj who had fallen out with Armin about 5-6 years ago and it was having an effect on him being able to get his tunes on a lot of the radio shows and all other types of issues. Is that how the industry should work? It is the same bullshit that Armin himself had an issue with when Tiesto's management made festival organisers like Global Gathering sign contracts which stated that Armin could not play before Tiesto at any given festival and since then he has gone down a similar path of controlling the scene and who is allowed to come up the ranks.

Add to that the rigging of the dj mag polls. How farken stupid is it when you get situations like when Christopher Lawrence got booted out of the poll for the fake votes scandal when in the same year one of the acts who came in the top 6 - 7 paid djmag 10,000 euro to make sure they got a higher ranking. The biggest irony of all being that every single one of the other acts who had a high ranking had also done the exact same thing with the vote rigging.

Thats probably how most fast-paced cut-throat industries work. Someone's always behind you ready to stab your back

These politics just seem to be the way that people are dealing with the scene in this ever-quickening get to that never-ending finish line type industry. If someone runs ahead, you'd better start running with them or you'll get left behind. If they trip you, they'll get ahead so why not do the same to someone else? It's all working towards being the best, which from a business perspective is a good thing, but not when a producer or DJ that you like is the one being tripped up.

I try and take parts of the scene like that - both locally and globally - with a grain of salt and it's helped me let go of a lot of my gripes... Not that I'm saying you have any/many I just enjoy the stuff that I enjoy and thats the long and the short of it! Some Anjunabeats stuff is still great, some is closer towards this cheesy balls stuff you're mentioning. I find a lot more Anjunadeep stuff is getting better and better too, like many here. Armada I dont usually listen to anymore because I cant' find anything in there I like anymore.


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Any chance of Orkidea hitting our shores soon does anybody know ?


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I certainly hope so. Not sure how often he plays outside Finland, but with an album to promote ....

Here's hopin!
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