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Lol, what was your drink of choice overnight? Have you been listening to the new Lawrence and Fleming podcasts? Definetely a major return to the normal trance sound with a lesser influence on psy. Whilst i enjoyed the new stuff from orkidea I wouldn't want to hear it from the majority of producers. Jules, I think we both need to start up a Jaded Khunts society

I have been going through a fair bit of their stuff lately. Joof n co are going great guns andits good to see lawrences label pharmacy is back with some quality. Still i do find a fair bit of it a little to heavy n hard at times. I do enjoy it tho. Ive always enjoyed my trance a bit more on the prog side.

Im pretty jaded lol but i do have a little pressie ill unleash for youse all in the next couple days ;-)
Something Coming.