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You bet wrong. I like all types of EDM I just know you must be a complete n00b if you're calling flippy an idiot since he is actually in the business (has been for a long time), and knows what he's talking about from experience. Your armchair critiques of his positive attitude reeks of a nobody, so I was just making sure I was right about that assumption, and hey presto, I was.

You can apologise and leave if you like, or just one of those options if you can't handle both

Your post is littered with indecent fallacies. So he's in the business, so it makes him some kind of authority? Whether he's been in this 'business' for 100 years, he's still open to criticism and lolz

Looks like you both have similar insecure tendencies, which I won't pry on, since you're becoming very condescending (in a way not intended to be a joke).

Stay on topic now yes ja ja binks?