Got to say I agree with you on tis , Tyas is a solid as they come at the moment , never wavering from what he does best...


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Ergh, this discussion is so

But this set by Tyas has reignited my faith in some quality, fun, driving, rolling bassline, 140bpm trance sets (note: even though there are some oldies chucked in). Electrovoya need to start their engines again, miss their stuff! Also, this set aint for the faint hearted...

Sean Tyas Live @ Trancemission Stuttgart, 2011 - Tytanium Sessions 126

1. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix / Sean Tyas Edit)
2. Phunpark - Midnight (Sean Tyas Remix)
3. Funkagenda & Fatboy Slim - What the Fuck (Tyas Rework)
4. ID - ID
5. Ferrin & Morris - Precious Times
6. Darren Porter & Sy Gardner - Springs Scent
7. Skrillex - Reptile (Kent & Gian Sardowsky Rework)
8. Mord Fustang - Lick The Rainbow (Sean Tyas Edit)
9. Sean Tyas & Bjorn Akesson - Zahi
10. Riialto - Crystal
11. Ruff Driverz - Dreaming (Neal Scarborough Rework)
12. Laura Jansen - Use somebody (Armin van Buuren Rework) erghhhh
13. Sean Tyas - Banshee
14. Sean Tyas - Believe
15. Sean Tyas - Solo (Roses Mix)
16. Insigma - Open your eyes (Sean Tyas Rework)
17. Photographer - Highway
18. Gouryella - Walhalla (Darren Porter Rework)
19. Sean Tyas - By the way
20. Jean Michel Jarre - Souvenir of China (Sean Tyas Rework)
21. Sean Tyas - Lift

EDIT - Askew and Oakenfold's sets are pushing a superb underground trance sound, not necessarily psy, but top uplifting, driving trance, as it should be. And lastly, PvD is still smashing it out