How to record mixes with your sexy new Pioneer Pro DJ setup.
no doubt you are looking at this post because an ITMer has directed you to it out of either their own kindness, or their unqualified hatred of newbies who start 'how do i record' threads every now and again.

don't worry, we're here to help! everyone was a newbie once, and not everyone knows what the fuck they're doing even though they've just blown $3500 on high-end professional DJ gear.

you want to be able to plug your shit in, and record you trainwrecks? we all do!

so, here's how.

=============== STEP 1

get an RCA to 1/4in mini jack cable from your local dick smith/kmart/JB-hifi.

this is what one looks like. those red and white plugs are RCA, and that other end is the 1/4 inch mini jack.

=============== STEP 2
download & install Audacity beta.

Windows 7 users:

Mac OSX 10.4 / tiger/leopard/snow leopard:

also, download & install the LAME MP3 encoder plugin as this will allow you to save mp3 files in Audacity.

plug it in!

the red/white end of your new cable goes into your mixer to the REC output. it's even colour coded!

the other end of the cable with the mini jack plugs into your computer's line in/audio in port. that's the little hole right next to your USB port on the side of your mac. if you don't have a mac, you will still probably have an analog line-in port. look around where you'd normally plug your headphones.

=============== STEP 4
set up audacity to record from your audio in/line in port. (edit->preferences)

now you can hit the record button & start mixing. w00t! when you've finished and are ready to save your mix go to file=>export and choose to save as MP3 or whatever..

welp, i'm sorry to hear that. luckily there's a cheap and easy solution. you can go to your local DJ shop and get this:
the behringer UCA202 is a USB audio interface. for the sake of what we're doing, it basically allows you to record on your laptop. you can get one for under $50. what you will have to keep in mind is that now you'll need a different cable to connect to your mixer, and that being an RCA to RCA cable. so it has those red/white plugs on both ends.

anyway that's that. recording your sick DJ mixes for dummies. if you have any questions, PM Funkedub.

good luck, noob!