I’ve spent hours wondering why, and I think I’ve figured it out somewhat.

Women generally prefer vocals, common chord progressions, lower BPM, clean sounds, lighthearted, comedic, fun, predictable, unthreatening music.

Men generally prefer dark, driving, menacing, faster BPM, threatening, expressive, unpredictable, soulful, deep, intricate, and serious music.

There’s been a big shift. What’s happening is that the Dj’s are playing predominantly female music. Women’s preferences are dominating the market; it makes sense as they are the No. 1 consumers.
What it’s really doing is making it harder for us males to get the fix we are looking for. Listening to trance music is fast becoming another female dominated activity, much like shopping.
Men are risk takers and that usually means we take charge, while women lag behind wait until the coast is clear and they feel safe enough to take another step forward. Women are not catching up; they are keeping a safe distance from the male dominated front line. John 00 Fleming is paving the way for all of us, he’s the alpha male.
In years to come women will get bored of the vocals and predictability of the music they are listening to at the moment and they will eventually take another step forward.

Who knows maybe one day EDM will be completely dominated by women to the extent that listening to EDM will be viewed as a feminine activity, just as ballet is.