Posted by John 00 Fleming on his Facebook:

2012 The year of the resurgence of the pure form of Trance

The commercial storm seems to have eventually past; the Trance scene has been left battered and bruised. It’s tired, jaded and lost all dignity. This storm has created utter confusion amongst the residents of the Trance community, the skills, tools and talent they had adhered over the years were completely overlooked and deemed insignificant, replaced with egotistical bullish marketing. This once great music genre attracted the elite producers of the World who produced forward thinking avant-garde music. This in return attracted Hollywood movie directors such as the Matrix whom used Trance music for its sound track. Consequently Progressive Trance was born; Sasha, Digweed and Way out West playing a big part in this (many people reading this wont remember these wonderful proud great days).

House, Electro and Dubstep are now King, and the storm have moved in that direction. The corporate are abandoning the sinking Trance ship and heading for where the money now lies dropping their now worthless Trance tag. ‘None genre’ seems to be the new trend now, along with Trouse as they abandon ship. So how does that make us true Trance musicians feel.

The ones that have dedicated our lives to this genre we feel so passionate about. Angry? Bitter? I think relived is the right word. We can now get on with the job in hand of making music void of Internet marketing games, and presence. We’ve lost a few good men on the way though, shame how they got totally overlooked.

Yes I’ve got a reputation of ranting, but my honest words have bought likewise people to my doorstep. More and more feeling my exact pain and frustration. I’m talking about HUGE names in the industry phoning and emailing me on a weekly basis that got drawn into the marketing race. They’re tired of spending most of their week satisfying social media sites due to unnecessary pressure when they should be making music. I mean making the music they actually want instated of adhering to commercial pressure. They’re falling in love with music again.

Experimenting with sounds, creating new sounds and rhythms, pushing the boundaries of their production skills. It’s turning into the good old days again. We have a community of likewise friends. Almost everyday I’m calling my close friend Laurent (Airwave), we’re getting excited as we listen to each other’s experimental sounds we’ve made. Rik (The Digital Blonde) hounds me with Youtube clips as he reminisces with old tracks, gathering ideas for his next projects.

I’m getting back to having personal relationships with promoters, clubs and festivals, something that was stripped away with the corporate world. Again the excitement is evident as we help forge a new way forward with each other’s valuable ideas and advice. The close community is getting stronger and closer, there’s no more competition between labels, and we are all one. I’ve had many a conversation helping and rescuing labels, Platipus being one off them. Yes I may rant, but I’m 1000% active in the background speaking to many and helping.

As things stand today, specialist Trance producers/DJ’s will find it difficult to get any form of support in the media as this is dominated by the more commercial World. We have some wonderful music and superb DJ’s out there that the World needs to know about. We have some of the most amazing club nights and festivals that are being missed off the radar.

I have a vision of putting these great assets all in one place. A place for likeminded people to gather the information they want. A place to find new music releases, discover new DJ’s and club nights. These are the places where new working relationships are born that in return can create new club events. These places used to be records shops years ago; they created a community of likewise people. We can use the same technology that had a hand in killing the Trance scene, to rebuild the Trance scene by using the Internet. The natural place is a website dedicated to specialist Trance enthusiasts. As you could imagine my life is pretty hectic touring, producing and running a record label. I wish I could dedicate 100% of my time to running a website, but I can’t. I can however stand firmly behind this project (along with fellow colleagues) to ensure this venture will be successful. I’ll put my name firmly behind this venture.

I need volunteers, fellow specialist Trance enthusiasts to dedicate their time to make this happen. Web developers. Journalists. Club reviewers. Music reviewers. We need input and advice from all angles. It’s a pretty intense project. Yes I say volunteers, because this generally filters out the corporate people from the passionate people. There will be rewards and jobs at the end of this project. Do I have a crazy vision? Let me know and if you want to be involved. Darren in my office will be keen to hear from you:

From what I’m hearing on a daily basis and from what I see and hear on the street and what I see in forums, I firmly believe 2012 will be the year of the resurgence of the more pure form of Trance.