Brand: Novation
Model: Twitch
Link to supplier page:
Price: $470ish AUD ($415 US)
Purchased From/date: Guitar Center (USA) - StoreDJ Sell it
  • Lightweight, but feels relatively sturdy as an overall unit
  • The crossfader is replaceable (here’s hoping an innofader can get in there at some point!)
  • ITCH integration is great, and it’s really refreshing to be playing with software that lets you stop focusing on the software. Performing with itch is very nice for 2 deck mixing with EQ’s and the odd filter work with the fader effects mode. I do wish we had dedicated LPF/HPF filter knobs though in ITCH like they do in the Traktor mapping
  • Manually beatmatching with the touchstrip is very intuitive, and in my opinion superior to manually beatmatching on the VCI-100 jogs
  • Slicer is an incredible tool, which has a lot of potential once it’s mastered and used properly
  • Track navigation/loading is great
  • Aux input is very handy, I think I’ll be connecting my synthstation 25 for some pseudo-analog synth fun.
  • Knobs and Faders feel a little cheaply made, but are adequate. I would much prefer Novation move to a grippier plastic for their knobs and faders though, they don’t feel very nice to the touch, and are difficult to adjust in small increments
  • EQ Knobs are spaced a little tightly, but there is a lot of room around the faders
  • Effects implementation is a bit dodgy in ITCH, but we all knew that anyway. I would probably stick with the X1 for effects mapping if I were to use the Twitch in Traktor.
Rating out of 10: 8
User review quick comment: Small, Simple, Stable, and Powerful. Pretty much a epic win for the <$500 Controller market!
Review By: stoydgen
Ron Maran - DJ and occasional Ranter/Reviewer
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