I always planned to put "my money where my mouth is” after savaging the morning/sunrise music at Strawberry Fields. I finally got around to putting a mix together. I’ve tried to combine deep house & techno, modern classical/ambient and raw, broken beats to attempt to capture the image of the amazing surrounds in the 90 minutes from the start of sunrise in Tocumwal.

I’m happy with the mix. It’s a one taker which, as per usual, is an idea beyond my meager mixing talents and, to a less extent, out of date, sound cutting turn tables. While the majority of the set is mixed in a normal club set style, the aim was to present each song in as close to its original form as possible.

Bruno Orso’s Sunrise Over Tocumwal, 28 January 2012

Track List:

01. Redshape – Seduce Me [Delsin, Present]
02. Morphosis – Silent Screamer [Morphine Records, Delsin, M>O>S Recordings]
03. Kangding Ray – Leavalia Scheme [Raster-Noton]
04. Tevo Howard – Intersection [How House is Yours Rush]
05. Tin Man – Nonneo (Donato Dozzy Remix) [Acid Test, Absurd Recordings]
06. Claro Intelecto – Instinct [Modern Love]
07. Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix) [Metisse]
08. John Beltran – Nephila’s Oneiric (Sven’s Glorify Tribute) [Delsin]
09. X.D.B – Rising Sun [Metrolux Music]
10. Poussez – Discuits (Kris Wadsworth Destroyer Remix) [Champion Standard]
11. Scuba – Klinik [Hotflush Recordings]
12. Francois K – Road of Life (Quite Village Sound Factory Dub) [Deep Space Media]
13. Chicago Skyway – Heaven & Angels [Eargasmic Recordings]
14. A Guy Called Gerald – People Mover [Laboratory Instinct]
15. Santiago Salazar – Caja De Luz [Historia y Violencia]
16. Imugem Orihasam – M’s Groove [Finale Sessions]
17. Patrice Scott – Raw Fusion [Sistrum Recordings]
18. Mike Dehnert – Deep Route [Deeply Rooted House]
19. Black Jazz Consortium – Living The Dream [Soul People Music]
20. Consequence – A Man and a Woman [Exit Records]
21. Shed – Estrange [Ostgut Ton]

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