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Boss is here from the US doing FY13 business planning and my annual review. Discussed things such as metrics, 'moving big rocks', moving forward, building synergy between teams, and 'moving the needle' on key performance indicators. They're paying for me to do media training (ie dont fuckup when you talk to the press) and a one day course on building business cases. Had a sweet conversation about my 'promote-ability' and how they believe I'm underpaid and undergraded. Let's fix that shit soon so I'll be getting a fat payrise, sucked up by the corporate sponge in the San Francisco office, and get the fuck out of Sydney.

Nice juan.

Found out today I don't just do a training [rotation] in San Franciso - I actually get to work a support rotation at head office too


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I hate it when you're right and I'm not.

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