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I am keen to do a collaboration with somebody either via the interwebs or in real life.
Currently overseas on a holiday atm but get home back to Perth in about a month.

Main interests are electro, DnB and dubstep. I work with Ableton Live 8 and NI Massive but looking at getting a few new plugins not long after I get home. I have been "producing" if you call it that :p for about 2 years but only really getting serious this last year.

You can hear a few of my tracks here http://soundcloud.com/the-riot-act
Nothing too great atm but this is a long learning process. I have never worked with anyone before but im sure 2 minds are better than 1.

If anybody is keen to work together just send me a PM either on here or via Soundcloud.


Just a little edit on this post. New soundcloud address http://soundcloud.com/scrubbly
Got a whole bunch of plugins now and a decent studio setup. Would really like to work with someone in person but online is still cool.