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Purchased From/date: Guitar Center - March 2012
Pros: Extremely high quality build. No cheap feeling to anything. Very sturdy. Versatile for any DJ to use. Compatible with all major DJ softwares like, Traktor or VDJ. Compatible with Mac or PC. User friendly for noobies or pros. The Jog wheels are extremely responsive. Cross faders are tough. I think the best part of the entire thing is the out puts on the back. You've got everything you need, XLR's, and quarter inch.
Cons:Some might find thist o be a con, but it's on the smaller side, it's compact. Everything is in close quarters. But, that is what this is for, being compact and portable.
Rating out of 10:9/10
User review quick comment: If you're looking for high quality midi mixer, because you can't afford CDJs, I HIGHLY recommend this.
Review By:Codi