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Stamina Records 011: Douglas & Remane – “Disorder” (Original Mix) / “Disorder” (A.B's London Techno Remix)

[AUDIO CLIP] Douglas & Remane – “Disorder” (Original)

[AUDIO CLIP] “Disorder” (A.B's London Techno Remix)

DISORDER ON THE STREETS OF LONDON! UK studio don Douglas hooks up with rising Australian star Remane to cause panic in a club as pure freeform carnage descends in the form of “Disorder”. Proper old skool rave breakbeats collide alongside squealing 303s, energy-injected riffwork and an utterly epic breakdown that’ll captivate any crowd as the music takes control! As featured on Hardcore Underground 5, slam the sounds of Stamina Records into your set with Douglas and Remane’s certified freeform anthem!

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Flippin’ things up and it’s Stamina founder A.B gettin’ heavy on the remix! Preaching the concept of the Yin Yang approach, and educating in the way of the harder styles, the label boss bangs out the backroom techno vibes in a proper underground rework only for the headstrong! Designed to keep the crowd guessing and structured to freshen up formulaic “DJ-press-play” mixing, this huge dose of London Techno is guaranteed to slam any dancefloor into a state of “Disorder” as its relentless rolling beats blast through the mix!

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Buy Douglas & Remane – “Disorder” (Original Mix) here!

Buy Douglas & Remane – ““Disorder” (A.B's London Techno Remix)

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