Perth Mixes Thread
Alright, given that there are quite a few DJs in Perth and the other city forums have their own dedicated threads, I've decided to create and sticky this thread so that people can post their latest and greatest mixes to showcase their abilities and tastes in music. If possible, please include a tracklisting. All genres welcome!

To kick off, this is one I made a couple of years back (been a bit lazy/busy with recording a new one, but that should change soon), chock full of proggy break goodness. : Link for those who can't view Soundcloud embedded links normally (i.e. iPad and Android users)


1. Home Alone - "Tobacco (Llupa's 16mg Mix)"
2. Digital Breaks Foundation - "Override (Cosmonaut's Formation Mix)"
3. Home Alone - "Tobacco (Mesmer Remix)"
4. 21street - "Disunity (Phrakture's Melodyk Restrukture Remix)"
5. Clesk - "AK47 (Aeron Aether Remix)"
6. Michael Burns - "We Will Fade (Fretwell Remix)"
7. Mistral M - "Run In Warsaw (Vortex Breaks Mix)"
8. Moonitor - "Rule And Conquer (Original Mix)"
9. Pulsedriver - "Toxicated Smoke (Original Mix)"
10. Chris Bradshaw - "State Of Confusion (Original Mix)"
11. Fitzpatrick - "Voices In My Head (Original Mix)"
12. Diskotoniks - "Digital Disaster (Original Mix)"
13. Decoding Jesus - "The Path 3.0 (Evan Gamble Lewis DJ Edit Remix)"


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Needs more Prog imo.

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