A.B & Douglas Vs DJ Ned (CLSM) 'Hold On' (Orignal/S3RL Rmx)

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Stamina Records 014: A.B & Douglas Vs DJ Ned (CLSM) – “Hold On” (Original Mix) / “Hold On” (DJ S3RL Remix)

A: A.B & Douglas Vs DJ Ned (CLSM) – “Hold On” (Original Mix)

The legendary CLSM's mysterious & bizarre frontman DJ Ned hooks up with Stamina's own A.B & Douglas to turn out a dancefloor bomb in the shape of 'Hold On'. Taking a break from cougar tracking and recreational activities such as ‘Ned Chi’, the bearded CLSM maestro unleashes heavy n’ driving sub slamming drums whilst A.B & Douglas provide raw rave pianos and big rushing leads! A certified ravefloor destroyer from Stamina!

View the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k9wDPjJ634

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AA: A.B & Douglas Vs DJ Ned (CLSM) – “Hold On” (DJ S3RL Remix)

Flipside and S3RL DOES FREEFORM! Australia’s no.1 export and one of the biggest names in hardcore worldwide takes it straight to the underground in this exclusive remix on Stamina Records. Taking the original ‘Hold On’ by A.B, Douglas & DJ Ned of CLSM fame, and reworking it into an even more insane dancefloor detonator, S3RL showcases his versatility for Stamina in this tough and driving remix. Strictly for those S3RL fans with enough Stamina to deal with it!

View the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt6HUdDyxKc

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