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What you were actually saying is they're superstitious murderers.

Yes, I am.

A country that a large portion of its populace burns women alive in the streets and is a common occurrence, is filled with superstitious murderers. Does that mean all PNG'ians are murderers? Nope. But its a big enough issue that I sure as fuck wouldn't send people living there, this is the shit Refugees are trying to escape.

(Taken in provincial capital)


I'd add that the Greens Policy while arguably more humane doesn't seem like it would stop people dying at sea. Not until there comes a time when there is a complete political re-alignment in asylum seekers' countries of origin leading to people feeling that they are safe and secure.

All Australia's policy does is push people to drown in the Mediterranean instead.
The Greens policy is a regional solution, Refugees don't need to get on the boats because they are given good opportunities for life in transit countries.


Australia's immigration intake would disprove the racist charge.

It really doesn't.
From news comment section
"Haha I am loving this so much, these dirty sand ******s are escaping one of the most impoverished regions on earth, only to arrive in Australia and be relocated to one of the most violent and impoverished regions on earth where they are now stuck with actual ******s! They still practice witch burning in their capital city on the regular! This is awesome!"


but saying that every MP in parliament (apart from the Greens of course) doesn't care, and are just a bunch of ambitious robots is just a load of bull dangar.

Oh please, we are putting children in prisons, breaking international law, sending refugees to countries where they could be burned alive.
We don't really see a issue with our own foreign policy that causes much of this shit to begin with following word for word US Wilsonian and Truman doctrine.
The Politicians through their actions alone show they don't actually give a fuck about people drowning at sea and only see it as political scoring points.


You only need to look at Australia to see that it is one of the most successful multicultural, multi-ethnic countries in the history of history.

And? Doesn't stop the fact that much of our media and politics is about WHITE COUNTRIES FOR WHITES! This is just the White Australia bullshit in new clothes. Next you will be telling me that Andrew Bolt and Ackerman and News Corp aren't actual racists and just care about the plight of poor people on boats. The Xenophobia card essentially alone wins elections, if you don't take that as a sign that Racism and Xenophobia aren't huge issues in Australia, then what will make it an issue?
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