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Port Morseby is one of the most violent places on earth and has Green Zones just like Iraq. As soon as you hit rural areas, Cannibalism and Witch burning become common place.

I am not saying that all PNG'ers are terrible people, but the country is a terrible country and in some ways, worse than the countries are fleeing to begin with.
Do you want me to start posting the numerous of photos I have of murdered children being eaten by the entire village in PNG?

You didn't just do it with PNG though:

Some Aussies are racist therefore all Aussies are racists.
Some Aussies are xenophobic therefore all Aussies are xenophobic.
Some politicians don't care about sea deaths therefore all politicians don't care about sea deaths.
Some in the media have Boltish views therefore all of the media have Boltish views.
Some people want to stop the boats for cynical reasons therefore all people want to stop the boats for cynical reasons.

I used to be pretty Greens-leftish on this issue and if no one ever died and the boat numbers didn't exponentially increase I'd probably still have those views but we don't live in that world. I am disgusted by how the issue is conducted. I hate seeing people in indefinite detention it is inhumane. I'm all for increasing our refugee intake. And I have no problems with the Greens espousing their views, I know it comes from a good place, but it doesn't make their aims achievable. There is no magic regional solution whilst there are 14m refugees and 45m displaced people around the world. Some poor fucker is always going to miss out while the numbers are so huge.
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