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Port Moresby, is literally the worst place on earth.

Struggling to find a reference to rampant witch-burning in that article.


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That's not facts, it's a page with a bunch of reports. You may as well have just posted

So, the latest Amnesty report with any numbers states 50 reported sorcery-related deaths in 2008 (and notes there may be more).

According to this the 2008 population was 6,473,910.

That gives us a 0.0077 (per thousand) death rate through sorcery-related violence.

The overall death rate in 2008 was 7.86.

In 2008 deaths through disease accounted for 90.64%, with "injury" making up 9.33%.

So the death rate for "injury" was 0.7333, and deaths through sorcery-related violence accounted for 1.0500% of that and 0.0979% of the overall figure.

It's horrible, but it's fuck all.


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How about you people actually learn a little thing called having a fucking conscious and not being heartless sociopath you piece of shit.

الاستماع إلى ... ال التنفس المدينة.

اسم اللعبة هو ضوء يعمل.