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Stop being emotional and irrational and people might actually consider your views

How about you people actually learn a little thing called having a fucking conscious and not being heartless sociopath you piece of shit.


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Shall I ratchet up the emotion Kiron: are you against a policy that stops people dying at sea? If so, why?

I've never said this is a perfect solution. In fact I don't particularly like it but I like it more than I like seeing asylum seeing people die at sea. If that's what the policy achieves, I still won't like it much. I will only like it more than I like the current situation.

"are you against a policy that stops people dying at sea? If so, why?"
Yes, because you are sending them to a country that is more dangerous and underdeveloped than what they initially fled in the first place, in fact, it's more humane just sending them back to fucking Afghanistan or Iraq.
Again, are you against a refugee policy that sends people to North Korea? In every way North Korea is a safer and more developed country than PNG, why would you be against it? It stawps da boats!

We have better solutions, the Greens solution IS BETTER, it has demonstrated physically in reality in the past it is a better and more humane solution, it is backed by many experts and human rights groups. The difference is, it doesn't pander to racists and actually takes a little bit of fucking tact, humility and diplomacy.

Australia DOES NOT HAVE A REFUGEE ISSUE. The only reason this is a issue, is not because people are drowning at sea, but because its easy votes to pander to Australia's racist culture.

I will make a bet more refugees will die in PNG than on boats.
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