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Shall I ratchet up the emotion Kiron: are you against a policy that stops people dying at sea? If so, why?

I've never said this is a perfect solution. In fact I don't particularly like it but I like it more than I like seeing asylum seeing people die at sea. If that's what the policy achieves, I still won't like it much. I will only like it more than I like the current situation.

The problem I have with this sentiment is that while stopping the boats, and I think im a bit different that a lot on this in that Im pretty confident that this will stop the boats, is that stopping boats has nothing to do with stopping human suffering. All it means is that we dont have to see it happen.

The numbers of asylum seekers and refugees in the world has nothing to do with our asylum policies. If they arent coming here it means they are somewhere else. Somewhere where they dont have legal protections and access to basic services. Somewhere where they are more at risk of violence, disease and deprivation. Somewhere that they might have to wait for 30 years for resettlement. Then again, if you are part of an undesirable category, like Afghan Hazaras (or lebenese muslims as Lambretta put it), you might never be selected by governments resettleing refugees and you might never actually get resettled.

I'd prefer to support safe passage of people from Indonesia to Australia than to stop the boats. Im think, perhaps, some arrangement could be organised for safe trips. Provide accommodation at transit points in indonesia instead of detention centres. have regular, escort, and safe trips to australia that limit the number of people coming. provide incentives for people to take those trips and disencentives for people who make unsafe journeys, but those disencentives should not stop them from having their claims assessed and adequate resettlement in australia.

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