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I'd prefer to support safe passage of people from Indonesia to Australia than to stop the boats. Im think, perhaps, some arrangement could be organised for safe trips. Provide accommodation at transit points in indonesia instead of detention centres. have regular, escort, and safe trips to australia that limit the number of people coming. provide incentives for people to take those trips and disencentives for people who make unsafe journeys, but those disencentives should not stop them from having their claims assessed and adequate resettlement in australia.

Trouble for you is most Australian's don't support your view, so the choice we have is either a) labor stops the boats or b) the Coalition gets in and they will stop the boats. Which of those do you prefer?

As for processing claims, it would be much cheaper to transfer them to existing UNHCR processing centers around the globe than to do it here. The government is currently spending around $70,000 per person. The 21st century is all about outsourcing, doing it somewhere else for less.

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