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Trouble for you is most Australian's don't support your view, so the choice we have is either a) labor stops the boats or b) the Coalition gets in and they will stop the boats. Which of those do you prefer?

As for processing claims, it would be much cheaper to transfer them to existing UNHCR processing centers around the globe than to do it here. The government is currently spending around $70,000 per person. The 21st century is all about outsourcing, doing it somewhere else for less.

true, but does the 'choice we have' mean voting? in which case, vote for a third party? im voting greens. even though the likely outcome will be a) or b), that doesn't preclude supporting 3rd parties or candidates.

cost is an important issue, but i dont know if its entirely relevant to the big issue here- basic standards of treatment for asylum seekers. once we get there, lets talk efficiency.

anyway, ATM its unclear how cheap/expensive this outsourcing refugee resettlement will be. Guardian says hospitals, universities, and resettlement costs as well as expanding the holding capacity of manus island (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013...ylum-boats-png) But as far as asylum seeker processing goes, offshore indefinite detention is apparently a shitload more expensive that community detention (http://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliame...2013/Detention.. word search for 'cost' bring up some stuff). if thats in indicator, in not confident this will be cheaper.

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