Kiron, it's a big country. Have you ever been there? You are just showing your ignorance about PNG. I think your heart is in the right place but you know, weird witchcraft shit happens in developed countries too. Google that.

The place is dangerous and poor, and Mogmac makes some sound points. which I agree with. But if this plan is accompanied by adequate funding it is actually a great idea. If this does deter people smuggling, it's harder to criticise it and funding needs will be lower. We can't avoid the fact that people smuggling is problematic because people keep drowning. It's entirely probable that people paying the smugglers don't fully know the risks. Evidence is already there that this will kill the smuggling industry, so that's some kind of win.

My preferred policy is that we should act generously and help everyone wanting to come here get here safely, and put them up humanely while they are processed. But we can't do that because the Coalition has leveraged racism to make that politically impossible. That is the new normal. No party can undo the vile political environment that Howard cultivated. Howard's legacy is disgraceful.

It sucks heavy sometimes, to think we live in a country that exploits third world labour, exports climate damaging coal, supports unjustified invasions, and generally behaves like a spoilt child. On the other hand, our privileged position affords us the strange luxury of being a preferred destination for half the world. The challenge for all of us who feel that way is to work out how to use our advantage for good without losing that advantage. I reckon that is the great challenge of our fortunate lives.

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