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1: Refugees are not illegal immigrants you retard.
2: The transit countries are not signatories to the refugee convention and are not safe for refugees. "War torn" has nothing to do with it.
3: News Corp. The main driving force behind this entire thing. They lie. It is their job to lie. They are racists.

What next, Stormfront.org a perfectly legitimate source for facts?

Newsflash as reported by Kiron

"The Sydney Morning Herald is run by Newscorp and the Department of Human Services is pretty much Stormfront. " well I never.

Try READING what others are saying before shouting from your stupid soap box

PNG is a deterrent. It's not designed to play a part in housing people - it's designed to stop them coming in the first place.

If anyone really believes that this news won't be reported and widely distributed among people looking for refugee status then they're delusional. The idea is to try and stop people making the journey in the first place not dump them somewhere awful.

What we had previously was obviously not working. If you repeat the same things over and over again and get the same results you're an idiot to continue trying to do the same thing. Just look at the war on drugs.
Never mind the bollocks
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