Developers, designers, barons of the web... discuss your business ITT
Ever been involved in writing & releasing a game? Or any piece of software? Launched a website, or otherwise shipped something of your own creation? Yes, it can be a bit weird sharing this stuff on ITM. People might call you out for spamming, bragposting or just being too much of a nerd. Well, screw that noise. We’ve got a raft of talent in here, and in this thread, we share and show off.


I'll start with my wee contributions to the Pandora repo. This is mere pond scum in the scheme of things, but we need to break the ice.

I should point out that with one exception, I didn't actually write any of this software - I just ported it. Almost no source code was touched.
  • Seq24 is a simple but pretty cool MIDI sequencer. My first attempt at porting anything. The Pandora's USB port means you can use Seq24 to drive hardware synths, which rocks.
  • Timidity gives Linux the soft-MIDI capabilities that you take for granted in Windows. Think game music (Doom), playing MIDI files (canyon.mid all night long), or allowing a MIDI sequencer (like Seq24, hello) to make noise without plugging in external MIDI hardware.
  • Viewnior is a boring photo viewer. Someone asked for the port, and it was literally a make-install. Never used it myself.
  • SnapSnap was the one thing I wrote, although it's just a set of bash scripts that help people use the inbuilt screenshot utility (which is a CLI command). It assigns a hotkey for screenshots, has an adjustable auto-timer function (game reviewers love that), all done with cool little dialogue boxes & notifications. I was pretty chuffed with this one.


I’ve cobbled a few websites together too (and lawdy, I am no web dev either). The one I’ll share is a shining example of something that is almost too nerdy for the nerd forum, and I’m getting those awks feels already. Anyway. In about my 300th hour of playing DayZ I started to want a better way of accessing game info, so I created

It’s nothing but a web page with some links on it, designed to be set as your Steam browser home page. In game, you just have to shift-tab and you’ve got the DayZcylopedia at your fingertips. It got thousands of hits on launch day (thx reddit) and now carries a regular few hundred users each day. There has been a little surge of interest recently, and I will overhaul & relaunch for the Standalone version of DayZ. Ad revenue so far: About two cents.


Phew. Your turn. We know who some of you are. This is not an artwank thread, it is a place for people who have knuckled down, shipped product, and perhaps made some coin in the process, to show us what they have achieved. If you’ve got stuff up in a store somewhere, feel free to post links along with the full media treatment – press releases, pics, vids, reviews. Almost nothing is too spammy.

There shall be zero tolerance for trolling.