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So I make games with a friend of mine, Vaughan. I do the art, he does the code and we're called Bit Rave. We started the company about a year ago I guess. We wanted to make an anti-censorship spoof game when Australia had the ridiculous MA15+ rating system only, but as we started it the system was overturned so we decided to just start making some other games anyway and see what happens. We're making games in our spare time and hoping one day it will stop burning holes through our pockets and make some money.

Jelly Run is our second game, and a much much bigger more thought out undertaking. It started out as a Super Meat Boyish standard controlled platformer, but tablet/phone directional controls SUCK so we made it an auto-runner like Canobault, Mega Run, Rayman Jungle Run etc. It's meant to be a stupid, cute, over the top, bouncy ride game. It is built in Unity and will be on Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. There is currently a version available but DONT GET IT YET... we've overhauled it before PAX because it was too painfully difficult. The video on that page is also based off the old version but still looks mostly the same.

Smash Mash Monsters is our 3rd game which I started the art for aaaaages ago which I am pumped to work on because it will be more the style of game I want to play myself. It's a top down frantic character based touch puzzler. I've only got a teaser video I made for PAX on it at the moment unfortunately. Basically its set in a neighbourhood in an alternate world where energy and light are embodied by these little people called Glowbs. There are monsters popping up invading your house, stealing and killing the Glowbs and plunging the world back into darkness. Going to do some cool stuff where the world becomes lighter and darker, more dull or more colourful depending on how well you are playing the game etc. It is built in Unity and will be on Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Dodo Gogo we made really quickly when Microsoft invited us into the developer preview builds of Windows 8. Its really basic, and like Doodle Jump with power ups and a stupid dopey Dodo. Its coded in HTML5. Its been surprisingly popular, we've had 350,000 downloads and pretty much stayed above a 4 star rating for its duration. Think it was in the top games list for 125 days straight. Baffling.

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