Man you guys are pros! that shit is cool and very impressive!


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... fucking awesome as fuck games and holy shit

i am wowed! just wondering if you guys are looking for any musos? i'd like to work on games some time to expand my skills, broaden my mind and portfolio, and hopefully also have a shit load of fun.

this offer also goes out to anyone else in here btw.

anyway i wish i had something to add that's on par with the work above but it's nothing close. i thought i'd share anyway.

i built my website entirely using notepad++. at one point i installed dreamweaver, couldn't figure it out, and decided to learn some more html and script stuff instead, and just type it out. so i installed npp and wrote it from scratch, adding some borrowed/amended php and other scripts in places. i learned how CSS works and what it does, a bit of PHP, how to make xml databases and pull data out of them, amongst other shit. it was so much fun that i decided to one day learn how to do stuff properly, but don't really have much time for that.

well anyway, it's not a game or some proper software or even advanced, really, but i'm still kinda proud :3