Very good to see you guys playing nice and sharing.

I know next nahhhhthink about coding, but am enjoying a new challenge and have started Codecademy.

I can't really go into what we do with day job, but I have been lucky enough to see a couple of pre-sales concepts go all the way and be realised using our company's platforms. Which has been very rewarding and completely unexpected given the scope of our role.

In a former role we helped push this one through:
Media Player

Its full-functionality is down now, but it was a custom-video-generator to send to your mates featuring the hot chick we linked to. Very fun project to work on.

Have started a new project that I'm hoping to pour some effort into. A consultancy for crowdfunding your idea. Laugh all you want, but I think there's a lot of good ideas out there that could benefit from being able to pitch their concept more effectively. It looks like we'll be running a workshop in August on some practical tips on the same subject.

Need to tighten up my marketing though, as the leads-form has only generated drivel like this so far:


You've just received a new submission to your Contact Form.

Submitted Information:


What kind of project do you have in mind?
I'd like to make a book and talk about itm forum like you.

Stay classy, Inthemix trolls.


Legless, blown away but the quality of you work - had no idea and its great to see.

Spicy, love that you're starting to play outside of pure EDM (even though house is still king baby). I have a friend that started this site Jingle Monster that was a great little endeavour.