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Quiet day at work today. Might start here.

Do it! I want to get back into it as well, it's been a month since I looked at it. I'm starting with HTML, and then want to get stuck into Python. I've even gone as far as downloading a Python compiler.

I reckon if there's someone else egging us on it might make a difference.

It's longer term, but I'm also curious about what language to do after exhausting Codecademy.

I've got my eye on a course on Coursera called Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps - it also recommends a book called Processing - an open-source design programming language that I want to get into.

Lastly, there's some other alternatives to Codecademy that have also piqued my interest:
It's all very interesting - but finding the time and discipline is a challenge!


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I've also done code academy.

I've made a pig-latin thing, a travel calculator and then I made some game where you flip cards.

It was pretty frustrating and also pretty rewarding all at the same time.

I have no idea how people can make such fantastic shit, so props to you guys who can.

Props dude! Sounds like you made quite a bit of progress.