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Stamina Records 018: Douglas – “Grawlix” / "Division By Zero"

A: Douglas – “Grawlix”

Progressing his matchless freeform-hardcore sound and stamping it down hard upon the Stamina schedules, production wonder-kid Douglas has risen to the challenge of going from strength to strength with latest double header ‘Grawlix’ & ‘Division By Zero’. Leading the A-side, ‘Grawlix’ embraces classic Eastern horns injected with futuristic trend-setting freeform values. Penetrating hoover stabs and a mind-blowing contagious riff ensure this is boundary-spanning music of the highest calibre; from underground clubs to 1000-strong parties - Stamina beats go like this!

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AA: Douglas – “Division By Zero”

For the digital flipside ‘Division By Zero’ sees Douglas rolling out his rave sound in a totally different direction. Radiating pure energy thanks to its infectious chord progression, this is a shining Stamina example of music that captivates both freeform warriors and UK-hardcore heads simultaneously and effortlessly. Ferocious thundering bass stabs keep things on a tough tip alongside intricately programmed noisework, whilst a classy old skool stab hook ensures the execution of upfront summer vibes and underground energy all at once. This is a master-class EP that has been smashing up the dancefloors – Stamina-approved beats for the headstrong crew!

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