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I’ve cobbled a few websites together too (and lawdy, I am no web dev either). The one I’ll share is a shining example of something that is almost too nerdy for the nerd forum, and I’m getting those awks feels already. Anyway. In about my 300th hour of playing DayZ I started to want a better way of accessing game info, so I created http://www.dayzoverlay.com/

It’s nothing but a web page with some links on it, designed to be set as your Steam browser home page. In game, you just have to shift-tab and you’ve got the DayZcylopedia at your fingertips. It got thousands of hits on launch day (thx reddit) and now carries a regular few hundred users each day. There has been a little surge of interest recently, and I will overhaul & relaunch for the Standalone version of DayZ. Ad revenue so far: About two cents.

It's been a fun month for le DayZ Overlay. I wanted to update some of the resources, so I hit up reddit for suggestions. I got a little bit of interest, and added some requested overlay pages, but didn't get much in the way of new resources to add. The main thing lacking was a nice guide to scoped rifles. There are thousands of tutorials out there, but nothing in the way of a single, digestible page, which is what you need in the Steam overlay. So I did it myself - the first piece of original content on what is otherwise a site full of external links:


In terms of site exposure, this was an unforeseen jackpot. And I thought launch week back in January was big...

16k unique visitors this month and counting. Seems that everywhere a discussion starts on sniper rifles, someone is posting this link :') It's not like I'll be sustaining this traffic, so it's a matter of enjoying the 5 minutes of fame, and trying my best to keep the momentum going via :socialmedia: etc. Definitely an unexpected learning experience.

The site is starting to get a bit scrappy and inconsistent now that I'm adding more pages, so next on the list will be an effort at unifying the design.