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Sorry mate, that's just retarded...some of the best sets I've ever heard were people mixing from a box of only 100 records...64Gb, you're talking 7000+ tracks in 320K MP3...that just leads to you drowning on too many tracks to choose from, and dollars to donuts, you end up sticking to the same 200 odd tracks you actually know...key to a good DJ is knowing your tracks, you're full of shit if you're honestly trying to tell us you "know" 14,000+ tracks...that won't lead to a "lush" set, it'll lead to a set with either the same tracks you've played many times before, or a set with no cohesion coz you're just picking tracks haphazardly

Quality > Quantity


My biggest issue with digital is I've accumulated so much more average music or just music that never gets a 'fair go' or learnt properly, it's been incredibly hard curbing my buying habits with how cheap shit is compared to vinyl.. I'd listen to a track/sample dozens of times when I had to spunk $20 on a record, compared to the comparitively vague listens some tracks get before you hand over <$2

Anyway. Unless your a wedding/21st etc DJ you'll never ever ever need 7000+ tunes.