Do these petitions work.....?

We're facing more than just a crisis of our personal nightlife entertainment here. We're facing a massive economic cull to our industry here.
If you are a DJ and have a set after 3am, you can kiss goodbye to any set prior to that if you can't make it from one to the next in time.

How about bartenders, glassies, doorladies/boys, those who picked up shifts on these extended hours, not forgetting the cleaners, the suppliers and general sales/turnover netted by the extended trading hours and often the domain of younger adults and students.

What about the issue again of smoking and not being able to exit a club after 3am?
Maybe it's time for more unions - a DJs Union for a start....

I could go on all day pointing out the idiocy, but it's all obvious to you.

WHAT can we actually, effectively do, to get our concerns across to the relevant people, and those able to stop this fucking asshole.