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Venues being punished with lockouts & restrictions on what time drinks can be served is pathetic. Can't recall any of these incidents happening in a club.

Yeah it's ridiculous, but it's been something that the 2UE's, 2GB's and the like have been trying to stir up for the best part of 5 years but they've always run into decent competition with the AHA and other industry bodies. Unfortunately the rest of the media have gone on a frenzy with the 2 latest high profile cases and it's stirred up the yokels and given BOF an agenda.

Been living away from Sydney the last few years so haven't quite kept up with the state politics... but I'm guessing there is an election not too far around the corner? Seems like the kind of thing a state government that hasn't been performing too well might pull to win the popular vote without caring who they piss off in the short term...?