- Link to a report over 5 years, published in 2013, regarding amendements to alcohol-related legislation in NSW.

Some interesting stats after a quick skim, particularly graph 3 which demonstrates a 28% decrease in violent incidents on NSW licenced venues and graph 5 which shows a decline in the alcohol-related domestic and non-domestic assaults in New South Wales from 2008 to 2012. Alcohol consumption in Australia has decreased over that same period of time, notwithstanding a dramatic increase in the number of licenced venues. If you're a baby-boomer-basher like me, you'll note that alcohol consumption in Australia was at its highest when Mr O'Farrell's generation was aged 18-30. Irrespective of the timing of this report, I still find it hard to believe that, had Tom Kelly and Daniel Christie not died, the laws which relate to lockouts/non-service of alcohol would be so strict and far-reaching.In other words, Baz is pandering to the negative-gearers who are selling up their suburban mansions and moving into their inner-city retirement hubs on the back of a couple of unfortunate incidents. In fact, Big Baz said he wouldn't attend Daniel Christie's funeral so as not to politicise the issue - something I bought at the time. Now I doubt it.

I live right near the corner of Oxford and Liverpool Streets in Darlinghurst. Needless to say, I can't wait for the waves of people that will flow across the park and down william street to get to the other end of Slurry. A world without a the opition of night-cap at the Gaslight... I'm not sure it's one I want to live in!

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