I've been actively trying to stop this from happening for 4 years. Leading up to this, Thomas Kelly's death was blamed on Kings Cross Licensed Premises, but after the government legislated against us in a way that totally disregarded our common law rights, it came out that we never served the guy that hit Thomas Kelly a drink.

We watched the Police Association and Police Commissioner interfere with the law makers and distort the lines of the Constitutional Doctrine of Separation of Powers. Police pushed for the lock outs and early closes.

As the mainstream press exaggerate the story and create public hysteria and the premier announced the Lock outs and 3PM cessation of trade.

So common law rights were disregarded, constitutional principles blurred and now we are watching a deprivation of civil liberties as economic and cultural activity becomes recessed in our central night economy. This will means jobs lost and associated businesses will suffer that will compound the problem. And the night economy connects to our day economy and further compounding of the problem.

We are all being punished through bad laws for the actions of a miniscule minority of sad, violent and ugly people.

We have no choice other than to resist, petition and rally. What is happening is seriously, really very very bad. It's unbelievable..