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Online petitions are not taken seriously by government unless it suits their agenda. A proper hard copy petition with signatures is a different matter.

If the petition is prefaced with 'We the undersigned being Australian citizens and residents of New South Wales.... ' it becomes formal correspondence from constituents.

The petition needs to be definiitive: we petition Barry O'Farrell and NSW Liberal Party to repeal the 1:30 lockouts and 3am close on our places of entertainment and leisure.

and then 'on the grounds that you have wrongfully taken our away these civiliberties and recessed our cultural and economic activities and you have failed your obligation to pass laws for the greater good of our society.

And then, 'if you do not correct the wrongs you have done to our society we will not vote for you, further we hold you liable and responsible for the harm you have inflicted on our society and reserve all rights legal and moral....

something like that - the NSW State Parliament is doing a very very bad thing -

What wont work are likes on face book, and 'virtual petitions', they will not matter.

A proper petition like this, printed and signed across all the venues effected should raise 250,000 signatures - that needs to be taken and lodged in parliament house. The petition then is put on floor for them all to see and let them see a mountain of signatures... then they have to discuss it.

They have passed law against our civil rights, our culture and our businesses, our jobs our livelihoods - we need to come back to them very strongly. And we need to use a proper petition through parliamentary process.

I may stand to be corrected, but you guys started a FB page?

Another rally of sorts took place today, the Snap Action one...I've yet to hear back about the numbers, but given the short-notice and amounts of rallies in Sydney right now, they may also be losing their imapct.

I'd really like to see one united front, and not just clubbers and club owners - remember you're cultural scurge to most Australians - 'dirty clubbers'.

I'm keen on this monday meeting at The Metro. We need big representation here from Legal people, Cabcharge, the Mayor etc. The loss of revenue to the state, the entire picture relating to these statistics they're picking and choosing from for their own agenda needs to be shown up. We need touring agents and festival directors, cutural precincts and project heads for the City of Sydney and related Academic institutes to step forward.