Ina Dub Sound - January 2014

2014 is about new directions, new horizons. My first mix of the year is a step away from the traditional dj mix, and an experiment in layers of sound. Taking influences from electronica, dub techno and ambient soundscapes. This mix is a portrait of electronic moods themed on dub sounds. Definitely not aimed at dance floors, this is designed for chilled moments. Jah love!

1. Narcotic 303 - Second World (Intro)
2. Martin Nonstatic - Fading Trees & Clouds
3. Deni Diezer, Martin Nonstatic - Walk Into the Sound Forest
4. Tero Civill - Rescue Me (Almost Ambient Mix)
5. Laura Mvula - Like The Morning Dew (Isotroph Mix)
6. Narcotic 303 - Grasslands
7. Lars Leonhard - Whispering Colours
8. Deni Diezer - The Depth Of the Mind
9. Lars Leonhard - Stella Nova
10. Ali Khan - Do Trees Have Dreams
11. Dublicator - Burning Echoes (Pulshar Mix)
12. Brickman - Spirit (Giriu Dvasios Mix)
13. Narcotic 303 - Aquatic
14. Active Child - Evening Ceremony