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Even if it does pass, who really goes out in the city apart from after work drinks anyway? The only decent parties are the laundry ivy parties and Spice. Warehouse parties out in St P/Marrickville/erko are where its at nowadays anyway. And the twunts that roid up and hang out in the cross wouldnt go anywhere near those parties anyway.

Failing that, slap a 20 year prison sentence on the perpetrators. It will soon be their mates holding them back as opposed to egging them on

Their mates should be holding them back. Ivy has a shithouse track record on both sides of the fence with incidents.
There are plenty decent parties elsewhere and make no mistake, the attraction of a BYO warehouse party will make a lot of these people who do not share the same clubbing-culture as us come along and crash-in with fun their own way*

A lot of people who remain unaffected by these laws due to hosting day parties and warehouse events did not show up to the meeting, pretty disappointing.

With the mandatory sentencing as it stands, a friend trying to hold back a mate out of control, could be the one to go down and land his mate with the sentence. The sentencing is fraught with issues and is not a detterent to someone already stupid and aggressive enough to be looking for a 'bro to come at them' and the issue is the persons who are being attacked and the propensity for aggression from mass-exodus on the streets due to lock-outs, and early-closures coordinated at the same hour in a concentrated area. Remeber the 2008 Lock-outs, and the abolishment of smoking in clubs? People and bouncers were fighting when they mistakenly stepped out of clubs to light-up....

*read: not really fun.