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I've been curious about this.... The last time I used an S4 as a mixer to play vinyl the sound was freaking horrible, I don't know if that was just the S4 I was using or something to do with the controller as a whole... The Z2 would have to sound better right..??

Yeah I'm always a bit wary of digital mixers since I tend to spin more vinyl then digital, if I was playing 90% digital tunes I wouldn't care as much.

I read this review on Juno - http://www.junodownload.com/plus/201...ts-kontrol-z2/


As with all Native Instruments hardware, the Kontrol Z2 works seamlessly with Traktor. However, if you are a lover of vinyl then the Z2 only really serves as a facility to incorporate vinyl into a digital set as the Z2’s sound is very top heavy and lacking in the warmth you need to get the most out of the vinyl format. Those using the mixer primarily for digital use however will find that this excess of high frequency is less present when playing digital files in Traktor mode.

So I am a bit reluctant to jump pull the trigger on the mixer. ATM I have a xone 22 and a Traktor Audio 10 but I've found it lowers the volume a few db compared to running it straight into the phono ins which is a bit annoying.
I'm thinking about jumping on the Serato bandwagon and grabbing a SL4 box, the signal is hotter and it has two usb ports if a mate wants to play back to back., a bit pricey though...