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What nightlife scene ? Where here in Sydney joking right ? There's nothing worth saving

I'm going to be brutally honest .....

Sydney's night life was NEVER GOOD.
I had some friends from Germany here they were planning to stay for a year and left just 2 months into their trip.
We have to admit it Sydney is BORING ( in terms of night life ) it always has been add alcohol,bogans try hards on steroids with sleeve tats = GET ME OUT OF HERE

Just the behavior of these people at parties, clubs, festivals is really embarrassing.
I go out from time to time to check out some DJ's,acts It's OK at the best of times
I save my money for my yearly Euro summer trips to have a good time really enjoy the clubs and PEOPLE.

I must also say It's embarrassing calling myself a Aussie especially the way they act in Europe HOBO BOGANS doesn't do them justice

Worst first post in the history of ITM.