New one from me, and it's melodic techno instead of prog breaks this time.


Applescal -"Onetasker (Original Mix)"
Grinda & Ambrela - "Samara (Cut Bit Motorz & Tomi Chair Remix)"
Ivan Lourens - "I Never Afraid (Asten Remix)"
Devangel - "Chashemin (Original Mix)"
Nvelope - "Zeitlos (Original Mix)"
Aparde - "Wanderung (Original Mix)"
Helly Larson, Riccicomoto "Moving Dub (Deep Spelle Remix)"
Daniel Ray - "Warm Black (Arthur Oskan Pulsewidth Rework)"
Asten - "Borealis (Microtrauma's Lost In Space Mix)"
Tip D'Oris - "Monday (Original Mix)"
Devangel - "Spiderstrap (Original Mix)"


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Needs more Prog imo.

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