I have been in the city continually since the laws came in and pretty much continually for the 6 months leading up to the laws being changed.

In my eyes, it is definatley more quiet in the early hours of the morning. I guess people are just going home once they realize they cant get in anywhere.

I have found the casino is alot busier in the early hours of the morning. I think alot of people are just going there.

It would be very interesting to see the statistics of the amount of assaults and to see if there is any decrease. I have seen some fights and the usual city trouble makers around.

I had alot of friends at the sven vath, dubfire, guy gerber gig at the metro. The gig went till 6am or something but after 1.30 if you needed a ciggerette you were not allowed to go outside and come back in. The new laws..... Of course people will just smoke inside but its pretty stupid. A break for some fresh air at all night gig is pretty nice.

Mardi gra night was pretty chaotic, the night after the new laws were brought in and I saw alot of people frustrated and not getting in. I have also been to spice a couple of times since the new laws and it seems like there are less people there.

I watched a friends band play the other night and after they finished and we helped back up all the gear etc We went to get some food after we finished eating we realized we had about 10 minutes before we were not allowed in anywhere. We were not drunk violent alocoholics knocking people out, we were just wanted to have a beer to celebrate the good gig but we couldn't.

In my eyes it is still early days. I think for me to have a good comparison I will have to wait longer. The only thing I know for sure is at had made many of my nights end early and I am sure alot of other people which means the people who are probably suffering the most are the bars and clubs as potential customers are not allowed in.