Come On Sydney!!

First a little back story on me. I'm from the UK. DJiing for around 8years. Met my Australian girlfriend around 4 years ago. Went travelling.. went to Labyrinth festival in Japan. Hit Europe. Now Ive got my visa Im back in Sydney to find all these new "party rules" spoiling everybody's fun.

I'm really not one to impose laws on other countries, but what you've got going here with these new regulations is ridiculous.

It's ridiculous, but its not unbeatable. Ive been travelling for the last 4 years full time and Ive learned a few run arounds if anybodies interested.

OK number one is the selling of alcohol. I know you guys love the BYO here in Australia so it makes sense to use that same logic in clubs. The selling of alcohol can be banned at a certain time, but it doesn't effect BYO joints in anyway at all! Ive been to quite a few spanish clubs that do BYO and it continues to work really well for them.

The other issue is the expense of having a bar/club that needs a music licence. This need disappears very quickly if you don't charge ticket prices. Like Berlin, there are lots of events you can go to by just being a member (by subscribing on facebook or something similar). You can charge for them to be a member, but then give free tickets out to members to arrive on the night. This bypasses the laws of music licence and makes the event just a gathering and not a paid event.

I dont know the laws here 100% so please dont just write back with a number of reasons why these ideas wont work. Please suggest other ideas if more appropriate for Sydney. I dont want to see the dance scene die here. There is good potential and a little bravery by people will go far here Im sure! There is always a way for people to dance!