Return to the Source feat: Slinky Wizard & Bus (Goa/psytrance)
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Return To The Source (Goa/Psytrance) feat SLINKY WIZARD & BUS - LIVE

Saturday the 19t of July @ The Imperial Hotel

Very limited 1st round tickets available now:

After the unforgettable first Return To The Source party, ESP invites you to what is set to be one of the best events of 2014 - RETURN TO THE SOURCE featuring Flying Rhino's SLINKY WIZARD & BUS LIVE - these 2 quintessential live acts have produced timeless goa trance/psytrance over the years so be prepared for an experience and journey like no other!

This very special event will be taking place in the main room of The Imperial Hotel - This purpose built dance space is located in the heart of the innerwest and is decked out with state-of-the-art lighting and sound... and NO-LOCKOUT!

SLINKY WIZARD & BUS - Flying Rhino, T.I.P, Dragonfly, Sub1

Slinky Wizard are the true pioneers of goa trance with high degree of musicality. Their tracks and live performances have great degree of depth, timeless melodies and intricate programming. With a string of highly sought after 12 inches on Atomic Records and Flying Rhino Records, there music has experienced of a resurgence of late - and rightly so!

BUS is his more contemporary project that skilfully blends more progressive elements with a solid serving of psychedelia! Bus's album on Sub1 Records, released in 2003, has stood the test of time with its impressive range of tracks. Classic Bus tracks include 'North by Northwest', 'Bullet' and 'Let's Go' and standout as the definitive tracks from the era which saw the psychedelic progressive sound dominate the morning set's of Aussie parties!

Check out 2 timeless Slinky Wizard tracks here:

Bus - North by Northwest

Raptor (ESP, United Beats Records)
+ more tba


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