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Working my way through it. Learned about/implemented caching, minified code, compression, and a couple of other things. About to tackle the render-blocking stuff today. I tried to implement async to the Java stuff but no joy, tried a plugin that claimed it moved JS under <?php wp_footer(); ?> but no joy. Took a backup of the site, going to give the JS stuff a go myself, and go at it like a toddler to a birthday cake.

After that I'll redo the images/text, which seems very straight forward. Thanks again for the input, put me on the path to find a few cool tools.

Awesome stuff, I find the best way to learn about stuff is to just throw yourself in the deep end and do it yourself (how I learned most stuff really, haha!).

Read this for async: http://css-tricks.com/thinking-async/
That site is a gem for getting the low-down on various tools and methods.

It's better to NOT use a plugin for handling your JS (with the exception of WP Super Cache — that plugin can handle a lot of other stuff too like caching (obviously), minifying etc, but it can be finicky and it's easy to screw up your rendering if you don't know how to use it).

Look in to deregistering plugin scripts, concantenating them in to one file then using wp_enqueue_script (the only way you should be including scripts and css (wp_enqueue_style)). This should be all done in functions.php or your own plugin if you prefer to do it that way (there's a few schools of thought on which is the right way).

Read this for more understanding: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_...enqueue_script

Also this: http://justintadlock.com/archives/20...pts-and-styles
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