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thanks - actually had way too much energy at the end. should have gone harder!

I started w 4 hrs in mind, but after about 28km sitting around 5:20/km, I thought I could make it under 3:45 (glenn yous et the challenge in my head!). pushed it as much as I could so stoked to get 3:45 flat. in hindsight could have gone a little bit faster in the first 25km, but had weird shooting pain in my ankle which was came and went throughout so I was wary not to go too hard in case it got unbearable. all in all I think I ran the race really well.
I also stopped to go to the bathroom along the way, and hug my cheering dad (which I now wish I hadn't - those precious seconds! haha) but really enjoyed it overall.

Missed this, yeah seemed to me like that was a more realistic goal time for you. Much easier to push yourself if you have a goal, the art of course is setting an achievable one lest you push yourself too hard. Anyway you beat my first marathon time by a minute so you've got a sub 3:30 in you for sure
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