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Great work!

If you don't mind can you post an idea of your training schedule? Im trying to find something that will suit me for October, it's kind of tricky though because football season ends early September so it rules out long weekend runs until then..

I didn't really work to one except to build my long runs on the weekend.

During the week I do 3 body attack classes, 3 pump classes, 2 body weight circuit conditioning classes, and 2 run sessions (interval hills around 6-10km). then on a sunday I'd do 1 long run.

I started prepping for the marathon after running a half marathon (so I was trained and comfortable at 21kms).
I then just did 4 long runs: 28km, 33km, 36km, 24km leading up to the marathon.

I think ideally if you can run 2-3 times during the week (speed, tempo, interval work) and then one long run on the weekend.

I train a lot during the week and was worried about overtraining, but I tried to take it easy where I could, and always made sure I did the long run. you learn a lot from that, and that is what helps you understand what running for 3+ hours feels like, and what it feels like after!